Armenia government must compensate for the damages it has caused in addition to providing an opportunity for our return - Spokesperson

Armenian government should provide an opportunity for us to return and should compensate for the damage it caused, Spokesperson for the Western Azerbaijan Community Ulviyya Zulfikar told Report.

According to her, crimes against humanity were committed against Western Azerbaijanis: "Hundreds of thousands of compatriots were subjected to ethnic cleansing and displaced from their homes. It is no coincidence that the main document of the Community is called the Concept of Return".

The official of the Community emphasized that the issue of compensation was completely clarified in the Concept of Return: "The Armenian government should ensure the return of property and community lands belonging to Azerbaijanis, pay compensation for the damage caused to the property and the losses caused due to the prevention of the use of the property. The government of Armenia should pay all the costs arising from the restoration of the property rights of Azerbaijanis and take other necessary measures. It seems that the right of return and compensation for the damage caused by forced eviction are not mutually exclusive."

U. Zulfikar emphasized that the Armenian government should provide an opportunity for Azerbaijanis to return to their homes and compensate them for the damages: "From this point of view, it is a futile attempt of the Armenian side to confront the right of return with the issue of compensation. It should be recalled that the Western Azerbaijan Community made a special statement about such attempts of the Armenian government in August of last year." 

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