Azerbaijan detects explosive devices on bridges in Khojavend (PHOTO)

Explosive devices of great destructive force were found in the lower and side parts of four bridges in Azerbaijan's Khojavend district, the Interior Ministry and the Azerbaijan Mine Action Agency (ANAMA) said in a joint statement, News.Az reports.

Boxes with TNT with a total weight of more than 200 kg were found on bridges located near residential buildings and the central district hospital. In addition, in the lower and side parts of the bridges, boxes with 25 kg of TNT in each with an electric detonator and several TM-57 anti-tank mines were found to increase the force of the explosion. They were placed for the purpose of committing a deadly explosion and mass destruction of equipment and people.

The discovered explosive devices were defused by the agency's employees, and the security of the territory was ensured.


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