France's anti-Azerbaijan activities in cultural field necessitate UNESCO HQ’s relocation from Paris: Western Azerbaijan Community

Ridiculous statements by French officials about Azerbaijan no longer surprise anyone, the Western Azerbaijan Community said in a statement on Friday, News.Az reports. 

“This time, the French Minister of Culture has taken up the baton. The French minister stated that his country had "photographed Armenian cultural heritage in Karabakh via satellite and created a database." It appears that the knowledge of these ignorant French officials about international law, interstate relations, and proper conduct is at an elementary level. Otherwise, they would not engage in such vile and racist practices without the approval of a sovereign state,” the Community said.

“This statement from France is an obvious display of shamelessness. It comes from the minister of a country that has stolen the cultural heritage of African peoples for centuries. According to some reports, France stole 90 thousand examples of cultural heritage from Africa alone. The French Minister of Culture would do better to focus on the return of the cultural heritage that his country stole from Africa. Azerbaijan has nothing to learn from charlatans and thieves.

Additionally, instead of slandering, the French minister should comment on the massive destruction of Azerbaijani cultural and historical monuments by Armenia, both in Armenia itself and in the previously occupied territories of Azerbaijan,” noted the Community.

“After the second Karabakh war, France's anti-Azerbaijani activities turned UNESCO into a tool for its dirty policies and seriously damaged the independence of this organization. France is abusing the presence of UNESCO's headquarters within its territory, politicizing and discrediting this humanitarian organization. We believe that all these make it necessary to relocate the UNESCO headquarters from France's territory,” the Community added.


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