Promotion of Azerbaijani culture: Vagif Poetry Days  (ANALYTICS)

The promotion of Azerbaijani culture involves efforts to showcase and preserve the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Azerbaijan.

Organizing cultural festivals, like the Baku International Jazz Festival, the Gabala International Music Festival, Kharibulbul Festival, Vagif Poetry Days etc helps to promote Azerbaijani culture domestically and internationally.

The Kharibulbul Festival is an annual cultural and musical event held in the city of Shusha, which is located in the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan. Shusha is historically significant for its role in Azerbaijani culture and music, and the festival celebrates the rich musical and artistic heritage of the region.

The festival is named after the kharibulbul, a flower that is considered a symbol of Shusha. The kharibulbul is a type of tulip that grows in the area and is known for its vibrant colors and beauty.

The festival showcases the resilience of Azerbaijani culture and serves as a means to promote peace, unity, and cultural exchange in the region. It highlights the beauty of Shusha and its historical significance in the cultural landscape of Azerbaijan.

Vagif Poetry days is one of the cultural events that envisages Azerbaijans cultural spesifications.

Azerbaijan's national leader Heydar Aliyev was the first, who instructed holding the Vagif Poetry Days. Until 1991, the cultural event was held annually in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan’s cultural capital Shusha has again opened its doors to the Vagif Poetry Days. The poetic event is being held in Shusha for the second time after the town from a nearly 30-year-long Armenian occupation in 2020.

The 2021 Vagif Poetry Days were remembered by fascinating performances, colorful exhibitions, literary symposiums, and the heart-touching poetic composition "From Nizami to Vagif".

The 2022 Vagif Poetry Days also promise to be very special. As part of the event, poems will be performed outside the Molla Panah Vagif mausoleum and in other historical parts of Shusha.

Promoting Azerbaijani culture not only preserves the country's heritage but also strengthens its identity on the global stage and fosters cultural exchange and understanding with other nations.

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