Iran aims to create ‘belt of destabilization’ – political scientist

The Iranian-Israeli proxy war has gained new momentum this week, Ilgar Valizade, an Azerbaijani political scientist, told News.Az.

He noted that the recent alleged “attacks” on Iran can be seen as one of the episodes of the latest escalation.

“The US-Israeli military exercises that ended on January 26, the IDF's simultaneous operation against Iranian proxies in Jenin in the West Bank, the retaliatory missile attack launched on Israel on January 27, and Israel's latest "response" to Iran are linked in the same chain. By the way, in this series of incidents, a terrorist attack targeted Azerbaijan’s embassy in Tehran,” Valizade said.

Azerbaijan has never pursued aggressive goals against Iran, the political scientist stressed.

“Our relations with Israel did not pursue goals beyond the scope of the bilateral agenda. Neither Israel nor Azerbaijan would benefit from getting involved in conflicts outside their regions. However, one gets the impression that Iran is deliberately involving Azerbaijan in its proxy conflict with Israel,” he said.

The political scientist underlined that Iran is pursuing the goal of expanding the scope of its proxy war with Israel and creating a belt of destabilization. 

“The slogan "The road to Jerusalem leads through Baku" is the most eloquent evidence of the implementation of this plan,” he added.


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